Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Starbit Twist is a 2D same-screen multiplayer action / arcade game featuring one-button gameplay, and is available on Android, iOS, and the web. You control Starbit, a new star exploring the universe. Touch your corner of the screen (or your orbit button) to orbit the nearest star, release the screen / button to leave orbit. Make quick jumps to speed up, orbit for a while to slow back down. But watch out, hazards abound in this vast universe!

Guide Starbit through 25 exciting puzzle levels, or compete with friends in collection mode, power star mode, chaos mode and mayhem mode. With three difficulty settings, Starbit Twist is perfect for players of any skill level!

Game Modes:
  * Puzzle mode features 25 levels, and now supports multiplayer! Be the first to reach the wormhole to win the level!
  * Collection mode features 5 levels. Collect pickups for points within the time limit.
  * Power Star mode features 5 levels. Get the power-up, then attack your friends for points within the time limit.
  * Chaos mode features 5 levels. Stars are bouncing around the zone, survive as long as possible.
  * Mayhem mode features 5 levels. The walls cause damage, and all stars in the zone vanish or explode after a short time when orbited. Survive as long as possible.


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Available for Android, iOS and on the web!

For questions or support, send e-mail to: ed.groover.games@gmail.com